What To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Apartment

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Selecting an apartment is in so many ways similar to the selection of a house or a condo and a sufficient level of care and attention must be given to make sure you make the right decision the first time itself. Discussed in this article are four things you must consider when selecting your home sweet home in the bug city.

This is perhaps the most important factor to be considered when selecting an apartment unit and in a competitive market this can be challenging task. The general norm is that the rent should ideally be 30% of an individual’s income, but this does not include other necessities that must be fulfilled such as cable TV, internet, parking and utilities. Therefore, it is always safer to stay below this safe zone of 30% so that you don’t end up spending too much on the apartment alone. Also, understand that it’s perfectly fine to negotiate with the landlord to reduce the set price if you notice any shortcomings or minor defects in the unit. For instance, a room situated next to a high-tension electricity cable raises major EMF protection concerns and as compensation you can ask for a reasonable price reduction.

The type of apartment
As a buyer, it is your right to be able to demand the type of unit that you think would be most suited for your needs and a landlord must comply with integrity without playing any dirty tricks. If you request a unit with a bedroom that faces the morning sun or overlooking the beach it is what you must get and if no such units are available, the landlord must inform you about it so that you can start looking for another. There are however instances where the sellers conceal certain information such as presence of an electric switch cabinet in an adjoining room because they have failed to conduct a EMC compliance testing as mandated by the law. Such apartments must always be avoided.

The pet policy
This is especially important if you plan on bringing your pet dog, cat or dragon along with you when you move in. Certain apartment complexes require the buyers to pay a monthly pet fee for keeping one inside the apartment while some don’t. Therefore, it’s always better to look into all these options and compare the prices. Even if you don’t plan on bringing any pets with you, it is advisable to learn about the policy of the building for safety related concerns.

Learn about the utilities that are provided
The best apartments in the market will cover utilities such as water, gas, electricity, internet and cable for a very reasonable price and that’s just awesome. Even if it is mentioned in the advertisement, just to clarify so you won’t have to for huge cable bill at the end of the first month, inquire about it from the landlord.engineering-compliances