Types Of Airport Transfers

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When travelling individually or as a group, for leisure or business you will come across the term airport transfers. Airport transport is a pre-booked service between the airport and the desired drop off location. These services are usually paid in advance through a travel agent or an online booking engine although it some instances, you can pay directly once you use the service. When you are visiting a new destination for the first time, you get very excited, but you might forget that you need to look into little details such as a transfer. Maybe you need to book airport transfers Gold Coast in a shuttle or a car service.

There are a few types of airport transports that are available:

  • Taxies – An airport taxi is ideal for a maximum of four passengers needing some privacy and to be comfortable in the vehicle. There is a private option as well pricing per taxi which comes in hand when travelling with friends or a family.
  • Hotel transfers – There are designated chauffer services available for those passengers who are travelling from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport only. Some hotels have their own counter available which will arrange a complimentary transfer.
  • Bus – This is the option that most single travellers prefer and are easy on the pocket. The price of the bus transfer is based on per passenger and you will share the transfer with many other passengers. If you book this in advanced, you are guaranteed to secure a seat for yourself unlike the bus transfers arranged by the airport themselves.
  • Minibus – The minibus option is great for those travelling in groups. A minimum of fifteen passengers can fit into the minibus and it is a bit more cheaper than booking a few taxis. The cost of the vehicle will only be charged whether you book Sunshine Coast airport transfers or if you book a one way transport.
  • Limousine – These services are available for special travellers such as first or business class passengers which is complimentary. These are pre-booked and comes with a chauffeur.
  • Shuttle Bus – This is the ideal transfer deal for single travellers, couples or those who are looking for the cheaper option to travel in. You will be sharing the vehicle with a few other people but you will still have your own space.
  • Ski taxis – These are available only for who are heading out to a ski destination.
    If you are looking for a really cheap deal, then the best way to get it is book the transfer well in advance.