Surprising Factors That Are Sometimes Overlooked In Washroom Remakes

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A washroom remodel can be anyone’s dream. Plus having a proper re make dome can dramatically increase the value of your house. However it is easy to get carried away with all the flowery details and over look some of the more functional requirements that need to be looked at. After all it is one room in your house that has many fixtures such as plumbing, heating, drainage etc that need to function correctly.

So when thinking of modern bathroom renovations, one must go beyond the outer layer of decorative or designer elements and really look at what is behind the walls and the floors. These little nooks and crannies will house some of the most important utilities that make the washroom function as it should, therefore adequate attention and consideration must be given to them as well.

  • Plumbing problems: all those pipes running in and out of the room need to be given careful thought. They need to be carefully placed so that they do not break or get blocked. However you might also want to consider if the plumbing is to under the walls / floors or on top of it. A clear understanding will enable you to stay within budget and also to avoid unsightly messes. This is not only relevant for the water lines, but electricity supplies as well. However exposed plumbing can give a classical industrial look to your space if that is what you are looking for.
  • Vintage tiling: some houses come with olden day bathroom tiling Melbourne. You may notice these in older houses which have small tiles creating decorative patterns. Usually they are placed on a concrete slab with wire meshing which can be a nightmare to remove. Therefore if you find yourself with such a space, it is best to work around it and not try to remove the tiling at all.
  • Drainage: this is crucial and if you want dry bathroom floors that do not get water logged, then you must consider the level of the drainage holes and the floor. If you plan to add several layers to the floor then proper drain access need to be thought of.
  • Two or one: for better privacy it is optional to have two smaller bathrooms or toilets as opposed to having just one. They say that it is in the bathroom that one can really have some actual privacy. So why not add that extra space for your better half.
  • Reduce puddles: isolated showers or bath areas are great to reduce the puddles that are created. Though they come at an extra cost they can be great in keeping the rest of the space relatively dry.
    Hope this list opened your eyes to some surprise facts that are not often discussed when remakes of bathrooms are considered.