Creating A Kitchen That Is Attached To An Indoor Garden

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A kitchen where you can cook and dispose the degradable waste as fertilizers into an indoor garden seems exciting to many people. There are various reasons why this might seem as a wise idea to try. Kitchen is the place where most of the healthy and nourished natural fertilizers are created. The water used for soaking rice is an amazing liquid manure for plants. If you had a garden or a courtyard that is attached to the kitchen, it would be very convenient for you to water the plants in the garden with the rice water that is very rich in many nutrients. An open indoor garden fills our mind with peace and tranquility. You can plant sweet smelling flowers and even save a portion of the garden to grow some herbs, vegetables and fruits too. Did you know of the kitchen triangle? We should imagine an invisible triangle roughly. It is at the edges of this triangle where we are going to place the most essential kitchenware. That is, the stovetop, the sink and the fridge. It will make working in the kitchen much easier and less chaotic. Having one of those good quality granite kitchen benchtops is as beneficial as having an anti-wobble cutting board. They are hygienic, much durable and of course, they do not wobble when chopping vegetables, chicken or anything else. Use of pull out cabinets and drawers will save so much space in the working area. These pull out cabinets could be fitted with a durable working top that is attached with heavy hinges. The garden could be built with an elegant moon gate to give it a Chinese touch of mystery and class.

You could arrange an area in the garden with one of those splendid Caesar stone benchtops Melbourne and stone chairs to host occasional family meals in the open air surrounded by sweet smelling flowers and butterflies. The garden can be filled with smoothened pebbles and use colored palettes when choosing flower plants for the garden. An organized color theme can make the atmosphere even more appreciable.

You could plant some lemon grass in the available spaces in the garden. They have a strong smell that could keep the mosquitos away from entering your home space. Check on the edible plants regularly to yield a healthy harvest. This way you can bring in the delights of the garden into your kitchen and put back the recycling materials into the garden as healthy fertilizer and manure. A benefits of having a garden attached to a kitchen is an example of ‘what goes around, comes around’.