5 Cheap Tips To Make Your Car Look Cooler

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We all want to cruise down the Sunset Boulevard in a sleek, state of the art sports car which would cost a truckload of money. But let’s face it, we don’t have a truckload! Which is why we must learn to make do with what we have. Instead of purchasing a brand-new sports vehicle which would cost no more than six figures, or wasting your time day dreaming about one, why not customize your current vehicle to look cool in a unique way? If you are a smart spender with a clear vision as to what you want your car to look like at the end of the customization process, this project will not require a huge amount of money and you will a high value of return for your investment. Continue reading this article to learn about 5 such cheap methods of realizing your dream of a custom ride.

Seat Covers

Don’t just leave the old, torn and worn out seats in your vehicle as these would ruin the outlook of a vehicle no matter modifications you make to the exterior of it. Get yourself some custom made car seat covers Brisbane which would cost a lot less than replacing the seats entirely while also adding a touch of your very own taste and character to the car. You can select from a range of materials of various colours, designs and textures based on your choice to ensure that every drive is a stylish and comfortable one.

Tinted Windows

Windows of your old car are probable not crystal clear, and some may be faded, chipped and scratched. Don’t leave these unattended and don’t try to replace them with new windows unless you have substantial portion of your budget to spare. Tinting your windows is the perfect and most cost-effective solution to this problem. Entry of excess sunlight and heat into the vehicle can greatly increase the workload on the air conditioner while also fading the coloured surfaces such as the dashboard, custom car seat covers and steering wheel covers. Tinted windows will keep this intense light from penetrating inside, keeping the vehicle cool and minimizing the damage caused to the surfaces. Check this link https://www.blackduck.com.au/ to find out more details.

Remove Any Dents and Scratches

The last thing you want in a customized car are dents all over the body and scratches that makes it look like a bunch of cats had a dance off on the top of your car bonnet. Don’t try to cover up the major scratches on the vehicle using a cheap scratch repair pens as they only provide a temporary solution for the problem. Especially if your vehicle is a relatively older model with an actual metal body, it is important to get rid of the deep scratch marks in order to prevent rusting from the inside.